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Roots of CIA everywhere

As time has passed the Tsarnaev family connections to the world has roots of CIA everywhere.

It has been confirmed that the the family had connections with the Central Intelligence Agency for over 20 years. This became very known when Tamerlan and Dzhokhar's uncle Ruslan Tsarni called his nephews "losers" and expressed his deep sorrow while apologizing to the nation for accusations that have yet to be proven.

In 1995, Ruslan Tarni, married the daughter of the former Deputy Director of the CIA, Graham Fuller.
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It has now also been confirmed that the alleged bomber's wife, Katherine Russell, is the granddaughter of Richard Warren Russell, also a former member of the CIA. A coincidence?

Now old information has been brought back to light receiving schocking respond:
Two years ago, while Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was still a senior in high school, Dzhokhar was tasked with a project assignment by his English teacher, Steve Matteo, where each student was supposed to look up their own backgeound. Steve MAtteo introduced Dzhokhar to his friend Brian Glyn Williams, known to be an expert on Chechnya.

"Williams, by all accounts, is indeed an expert on the subject, having majored in Russian Studies while an undergraduate, receiving dual Masters Degrees in Russian and East European History and Central Eurasian Studies, and a Doctorate Degree in Middle Eastern and Islamic Central Asian History." -Guillermo Jimenez says.

However Williams is found to have been a former CIA - agent himself:

"Being from the Boston area myself and a UMASSD alumni, Professor williams was the first person I thought of after I found out Dzhokar was a registered student…. The Irony was crazy…. that they crossed paths and communicated, is like something out of a movie,…… I’m still in shock. I just talked with Williams a few weeks ago. I’m surprised Dzhokar didn’t target Professor Williams……… He must have not known of his past CIA career……” [emphasis added]."

***Still a coincidence?***
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