ALL4JAHAR - A Letter from Dzhokhars Supporters

To Whom it May Concern,

We, the undersigned feel that our views are not being properly expressed in the case against Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. We are people too and we deserve to be heard without the manipulation and misrepresentation of the media. For supporting Dzhokhars innocence we have been labelled as 'disgusting', 'psychologically broken', and 'crazed' as well as faced a barrage of hatred, death threats and wishes of death upon our families. We are hounded and harassed daily. We have also been labelled as 'fans' and 'fangirls'. Why? Because we believe in the human right of 'innocent until proven guilty'. As of now, Dzhokhar is merely a suspect that has not been proven guilty of any crime. Yet the media have done a fine job in giving him a trial, as well as those who support him. It could be fair to say that these misrepresentations of Dzhokhars supporters have helped shape the attitudes of it's audiences. And of Dzhokhar himself.

To let it be known, Dzhokhars supporters are of many ages, races, religions, countries – both male and female. We feel for those victims and their families of this tragedy just like everyone else. We care about the right people being brought to justice for this horrendous crime. But we believe we have good reason to doubt the guilt of Dzhokhar. It is apparent to us that an investigation into the Boston Marathon bombing is needed for the following reasons:

-it is a FACT that Dzhokhar was at the Boston Marathon (but so were thousands of others).
- it is a FACT that the exploded backpacks were black - Dzhokhars was overly white/grey
- it is a FACT that the backpack pictured at Dzhokhars feet outside of Fourms restaurant, the backpack said to have contained one of the bombs does not match the backpack which Dzhokhar arrived with. It is also a FACT that the backpack at his feet also does not match the exploded backpack
- it is a FACT that it was reported by authorities that there were 5 bombs there that day
- it is a FACT that Dzhokhars backpack could not fit ONE pressure cooker, let alone 2-3
- it is a FACT that one of the exploded backpacks matched exactly that of one of the Navys Seals that was there that day
- it is a FACT the media will not report on this
- it is a FACT that the exploded backpack is very similar to those purchased by the Department of Homeland Security for use by Navy Seals
- it is a FACT that the pressure cooker had female DNA
- it is a FACT that neither Dzhokhars OR Tamerlans DNA was on any of those pressure cookers
- it is a FACT that the authorities deleted photographs and videos from the phones and cameras of spectators at the marathon
-it is a FACT that no one has seen the alleged footage which shows Dzhokhars setting down a backpack which apparently contained a bomb. Even the most senior of authorities have only ever had these alleged footage and had it merely 'described' to them
- it is a FACT that the FBI sought help to identify Dzhokhar & Tamerlan, when they knew exactly who they were
- it is a FACT that Dzhokhars empty firework tubes had contained RED gunpowder when the pressure cookers had contained BLACK gunpowder
- it is a FACT that there was simply not enough gunpowder from any fireworks that could have caused the blasts at the marathon, according to expert Julie L. Heckman of the American Pyrotechnics Association: there would not have been a sufficient amount of gunpowder to create these bombs, as the fireworks industry is very heavily regulated
- it is a FACT that the night of carjacking, both Danny's and the FBI's criminal complaint report do not match up. Completely different versions of events.
- It is a FACT that on the police scanner of the night of the carjacking, it is said that the carjacking took place at a gas station in Cambridge – this contradicts both Danny's & the FBI's versions of events which had stated that the carjacking took place elsewhere
- it is a FACT that the police said that Dzhokhar was shooting from the boat, only for it to be later confirmed that he was unarmed
- it is a FACT he was seen conscious and surrendering yet ended up fighting for his life
- it is a FACT that there was NO blood on the outside of the boat until AFTER Dzhokhar surrendered
- it is a FACT that Dzhokhar was interrogated in his hospital bed while he was in critical condition for 16 hours without having his Miranda rights read to him and requests for a lawyer were ignored

This would not be the first time that someone has been suspected for carrying out a bombing at a high visibility event in the US and later found to be innocent. In 1996, Richard Jewell was suspected of setting off a bomb at the Olympics at Georgia's Centennial Park, only later to be vindicated. A quote from Richard Jewell about the FBI "in its rush to show the world it could get its man," the media "cared nothing about my feelings as a human being”. The attitudes of the media, and subsequently those that react to Dzhokhars supporters show that 'innocent until proven guilty' is sadly becoming something that no longer exists. There are no open minds, there is no humanity, there is only a desperate need to label without understanding and by doing so sending out the message that being open minded, questioning, and supporting the right to be innocent until proven guilty is something to be ashamed of.

Whether or not the media acknowledges our reasons for supporting Dzhokhar does not alter the reality that we will support him regardless, because even if it is not reported, we do exist and will continue to support the human rights of another individual. We believe this is yet another great injustice in the hunt for someone to blame for a terrible tragedy. And we believe in the right to be innocent until proven otherwise.

Sincere Regards,

(The Undersigned).
Ana Sofia Machado, Portugal
Alejandra Ibáñez Gutiérrez
Laura L Leach NC
Rita Sutton KS
Debbie Tempalsky NJ, USA
Aaron Morrell ON, Canada
Lynn Cicero, PA
Elayna Andreoli, PA
Cheryl Coldicott
Joaquina Moses
Valentina Kocoska
Lenore Naidoo South Africa
Nita Talvala
Meghan Mechelle Woody,
Mary Jane Fernandez/CT
Tammie Fagan Ledbetter, -
Sophie Laura Stahl, Germany
Tansu Durmaz, Germany