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Cambridge gas station attendant tells of brush with Boston Marathon bomb suspects:

April 19, 2013 ( Recap )

They were right outside his door.

A Massachusetts gas station clerk has come forward to describe his terrifying brush with the Boston Marathon bombing suspects in the beginning hours of their overnight terror spree.
Tarek Ahmed told he was behind the register of his Cambridge store on Thursday night when a man in his 20s ran in shouting for his life.

"Call the police! Call the police! These people are trying to kill me!" the man screamed, according to Ahmed.

"I thought he was drunk," the 45-year-old attendant told
"I didn't believe him when he came in it just sounded very crazy," Ahmed told

The shaken man was lucky to be alive. He was the driver of a Mercedes-Benz police said the bombers carjacked after holding up a 7-Eleven store in Cambridge, near the MIT campus, according to

The suspects, who authorities identified as brothers from Chechyna, kept the man in the car for a half hour before kicking him out along Memorial Drive. That's when he ran into Ahmed's station.

"He said they pushed him out of car," Ahmed said. "He was shaking and very nervous. I only believe him when the cops came." 

Ahmed said he let the man use the shop's phone to call police. When they arrived, they took surveillance tapes from his station, as well as tapes from the station across the street.

One of the suspects, pictured in FBI photos wearing a black hat, was later shot dead by police in nearby Watertown after a wild chase, during which the brother lobbed homemade bombs at cops. 

The second suspect has been identified as Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev, 19, of Cambridge. A massive manhunt is underway, and authorities were going door to door in Watertown searching for him.

Ahmed told it had been a "crazy difficult night."

"But I am so happy because they catch the one guy and will catch the other. That is good."

By Philip Caulfield / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS
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