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Cop who leaked Dzhokhar Tsarnaev photos placed on restricted duty

The Massachusetts State Police photographer who released photographs of Boston bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s capture was placed on desk duty today while internal affairs investigates his action to see what rules, if any, he broke.

Sgt. Sean Murphy has generated quite a Facebook following for his release of the photos — an act aimed at countering the recent Rolling Stone rock-star cover portrayal of the suspected Boston Marathon terrorist. An estimated 40,000 supporters clicked "like” on a Facebook page created just for him, called "Save Sgt. Sean Murphy.”

On Monday, Sgt. Murphy started desk duty, The Boston Globe reported.
He arrived at State Police headquarters with this announcement: I feel "great. Life is good.”
Meanwhile, his attorney said they were "hoping for the best” and that "we have a lot of faith in the State Police,” The Boston Globe reported.

Sgt. Murphy has 25 years on the force. He was relieved of duty last week but has not been fired.

How we love Karma!
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I think he would of if the case wasn't so huge. They probably think they are going to get lashed out by the victims so they are using that to not fire him.

That cop broke the law in releasing those pictures of Jahar. When I saw them I sobbed like he was my own son. Murphy should be fired!!

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