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Discuss: Tamerlan's death: Footage
Our last post showed three different stories provided, by the FBI, police and witnesses, all contradicting each other. Click >here< to see the article.

Taking the previous post into consideration, we'd like to know what you feel about it when watching the footage posted below, showing Dzhokhar screaming "Chill out! Chill Out! We didn't do it! (...) Hey, Officer! We didn't do it!":

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When I watch this video I feel simultaneously angry and profoundly sad. It breaks my heart to think about what those young men went through that horrible night and what Jahar is forced to continue to endure. I pray that the truth will find a way to reveal itself, despite the efforts of many to suppress it. I pray for a day when Jahar's name is cleared and he is able to walk free and live life fully, as God intended. I believe that, despite the atrocities that humankind can inflict upon one another, God ALWAYS has the upper hand and no one escapes his judgement. Those responsible for the horrific events on April 15th, 2013 and subsequent framing of Jahar & Tamerlan (may God bless his soul) will pay a heafty price for their evil deeds. With so many of our voices lifting towards the Heavens, asking God to protect & help to free Jahar, I have to believe that God not only hears our prayers, but is profoundly moved by the chorus of love and humanity created by our collective voices.

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