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Dzhokhar Tsarnaev says 'not guilty' 7 times at arraignment
Boston's federal courthouse was blanketed in security and swarming with news media Wednesday as the city braced for the arraignment of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev -- his first public appearance since the April 15 Boston Marathon bombings.

Outside the John Joseph Moakley U.S. Courthouse on the South Boston waterfront, more than a dozen TV news trucks took up every curbside spot. Ribbon-encased sidewalk space, reserved for TV cameras, quickly filled up. Camera operators then scrambled for sidewalk space across the street, where they vied to catch a glimpse of the suspect on his way to court.

Tsarnaev's hearing will be held in a courtroom adjacent to the one in which mobster James "Whitey" Bulger is being tried on 32 racketeering counts. To have two high-profile cases being heard in the same week, however, is extraordinary.

Despite the media crunch, press liaisons were taking everything in stride.

"This is not our first rodeo," said Christina Sterling, spokesperson for the U.S. Attorney's Office in the District of Massachusetts. "We've had (shoebomber) Richard Reid here. It's not our first high-profile case. We know what to do." 

Inside, action focused on the fifth floor, where Tsarnaev is to be arraigned at 3:30 p.m. ET Wednesday in Courtroom 10. Earlier this week, all eyes were on Courtroom 11, where Bulger protégé Kevin Weeks delivered dramatic testimony about gruesome murders and exchanged curses with Bulger from the witness stand. Testimony was continuing Wednesday.

In preparation for Tsarnaev, agents from the Department of Homeland
 Security entered Courtroom 10 early Wednesday with a sniffing German shepherd in tow. In an empty courtroom down the hall, dozens of uniformed police officers prepared for their afternoon assignments.

Hours before the hearing, Tsarnaev arrived in a four-vehicle motorcade that included a van, a Humvee and a state police car.

Security is normally tight at Boston's federal court, where all visitors must empty their pockets, pass through a metal detector and have their bags scanned. On Wednesday, the major difference is the visible police presence.

Courtroom 10, which seats more than 100, is expected to be packed for Tsarnaev's arraignment. Every bombing victim on the government's list, as well as survivors of the three who were killed, were invited to attend the hearing. More than 260 were injured in the bombing, including at least 15 who lost limbs.

Russian media are keenly interested in the case. Tsarnaev's indictment is seen as a Russia-related news event, according Vladimir Yaduta, chief of the international news desk for the state-run Russian Agency of Legal and Judicial Information.

Tsarnaev is an ethnic Chechen, born in Kyrgystan. He has relatives in Russia, Yaduta said, which is one of several factors contributing to Russian interest.

"Russia has provided information about Tamerlan Tsarnaev (Dzhokhar's brother, killed in a shootout with police days after the bombings) and his alleged connection to some extremist groups, so there's interest in how this information was handled and if these terrorist acts could have been prevented," Yaduta said. "It's Russia-related, so that's why it draws such an interest in Russia."
Dzhokhar Tsarnaev arrived at John Joseph Moakley Courthouse shortly after 11 a.m. Wednesday. There was a motorcade from the federal medical center at Fort Devens in Ayer, Mass.

The crowd of people and media was enormous.

It was the public's first look at Tsarnaev since the dry-docked boat in Watertown back in April 19.

Tsarnaev, his hair long and curly, was fidgety, playing with the splint on his wounded left arm, looking around the courtroom.

He was wearing an orange jumpsuit over a black t-shirt.

Tsarnaev is represented by attorney Judy Clarke, who once defended the Unabomber.

She tried to answer to the charges against him but Judge Marianne Bowler interceded, saying "I would ask him to answer."

Tsarnaev then said not guilty seven times, as the 30 charges were clustered.

His voice was Russian accented English.

After court, Tsarnaev family members left through a back door including a woman carrying a small child

The hearing lasted all of nine minutes. He’s due back in court September 23 at 10 a.m.

Dzhokhar was fidgety throughout the arraignment in front of Magistrate Judge Marianne Bowler. Right from beginning, he kept turning his head to catch sight of the gallery behind him. He repeatedly scratched his chin. And when he spoke to plead not guilty to an array of charges connected to the bombing – something he did only after being prompted by the judge, who intervened when one of his lawyers tried to speak for him – his English seemed heavily accented, at odds with the image of the ordinary American teenager who attended Cambridge Rindge and Latin School in nearby Cambridge. "I would ask him to answer," Judge Bowler directed.

As the charges, which could see Dzhokhar face the death penalty, were read out, he said not guilty a total of seven times.

"He never had that accent," said a friend from the school, declining to give his name as spoke to reporters outside the courtroom. He had come see Dzhokhar in court along with other friends who were high school wrestling team with the suspect. He insisted that not only had Dzhokhar's voice changed but that his demeanour was also different to what he had known. "He didn't fidget," he said.

The 19-year-old's condition had visibly improved since he was caught in Watertown following an unprecedented manhunt that brought the entire Boston metropolitan area to a complete standstill. Then, he was said to be so badly wounded in the earlier shootout with police that he was unable to talk to investigators owing to a reported throat wound.
He was still nursing an injury on his left arm – it was covered in plaster from the elbow down – but otherwise seemed to have recovered since his capture in April.
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But in the thing you posted (the message from the Tsarnaev family-by Katina), it said that he had a hole the size of a quarter below his left ear, because the bullet went thru the right side. There's a pretty good view of his neck in the pictures and video. Nothing there. It also says in the message that the lawyer said Dzhokhar was very well-mannered. Wouldn't he being on painkilling drugs and totally massed up mentally  by his circumstances affect him  in jail too, while talking to the lawyer,multiple times, as well as the trial?  If he acted like that all the time she wouldn't be impressed by his manners that's for sure.  He also seemed pretty even-keeled on the phone call to his mom. His lawyer also said he was also very intelligent.

Wouldn't an intelligent person fight painkilling drugs that he's gotten used to being on for three months to act decently at a trial where they're  up for the death penalty? He couldn't sit still, especially during the trial which was only 8 minutes long? He was acting like he was checking if  the walls were melting behind him. Yawning, smirking, blowing kisses. He had no sense of control, sense of consequence, sense of image, sense of reality period.  He had to be REALLY FUCKED UP on those drugs.

Yes the one discrepancy is that one thing his sisters would have been able to spot a decoy. An explanation is that Jahar is noticeably stockier and taller than before, so they probably thought the differences were due to growth as well. They were also crying and praying, not really looking for discrepancies. I'm not sure if they see him that often to notice his mannerisms like his friends do.

Also, I am not saying that it is definitely a decoy. I'm saying there may be some foul play here. If its the real Jahar, it seems like he was drugged up and/or MK'd. How does he just have a new accent? His mouth doesn't have that muscle memory for forming English words having come here so young. The sisters may not have noticed it, because they maybe cannot hear the subtleties  in the pronunciation having been in Russia longer.
For ex. our French  high school teacher was actually from France. We would tell her how to pronounce Toad,"toe-d" and she would always say "That's what I said: Tud"

This new Russian accent seems like it would be either the result of being seriously drugged up, or part of another personality. His wrestling teammates also said that his posture was different, the way he sat down, etc. How does that change if you're the same person, same personality, and pretty lucid?

Why was Dzhokar there 4  hours early? Why did his lawyer try to enter his pleas for him at first?  All I'm saying. I'll see what his mother says in the above post.

Maybe he's just disassociating by himself because the situation is so horrible. I don't know.
I'm just putting it out there.

Lawyers always try to talk intead of their client. The message is coming through Zubeidat from what she recieved by the medical records. It has afterall been 3 months and who knows if they tried to cover it up.... and also the photos are NOT that good of a quality for one to be able to see anything, one can barely see his face clearly. Were you there at all? Because he seemed very calm, and let's not forget that he has been through quite alot and coming back to that room full of people who both support and some who don't and most importantly his family... is overwhelming.... throughout the entire time he tried to look at his sisters, who cried. You can't believe what media writes, which is excactly why we are on this side to start with. They also claimed he smirked when "looking" at victims and pleaded not guilty... according to the sisters he did not, and several others. These days people see what they want to see. These lies are the claims of those victims and those against him...... WHY did NONE of the victims when asked to stand up and talk they didn't ? NOT one single person stood up to speak their mind?
He is 6 feet tall, always has been, these claims you claim about his height and attitude is all written by media. I am sure his mother would notice, she watched the whole trial at home. His friends also claimed he looked just as normal as he always did. That he looked weak, but that it neither was a shock to them. --> We will make sure to post it here later today.

Of course one cannot deny the pssibility of them drugging him, which they might have done. One of the people who went back to Boston to do his research was Duke, he noticed no accent and none of the claims coming from media.

They will say whatever they want to say, to get attention, but one must make sure to believe those that actually are turstworthy. The so called "accent" can as previously mentioned be a result of his broken jaw and the shot in his mouth.... if you read the descriptions they describe his mouth being strange, which explains that "accent"... if it even would be fake don't you think they would take the time to actually learn that person "not guilty" without an accent?

Regarding why he was brought there so early could be due to danger it would cause him if he was brought at the same time as the rest.

Thank you so much for taking the time to comment here and please share if there are any other thoughts.

His sisters would have probably seen if something was wrong, don't you think? And if you imply that maybe they are all forced into something or apart of something then I don't know how alike person they could find.
We must remember and not forget that he had a total of 16 wounds, he got shot in his mouth (the bullet went back through the neck, which one cannot see due to his hair at the back). His scarr from the knife could also probably be barely seen due to his clothing.
He was probably on pain medications, drugged to not feel the pain... those medications can make one act strange.
Honestly, those that know him probably know his behavior, the descriptions are not only made by their families, mostly by media, who also has said it didn't look as if he regreted it......
The point is we can't forget EVERYTHING he went through.... the loss of his dear brother, the separation from family and his little niece, who is now left without a father, the fear of that someone will hurt his family and nt least the wounds he got.... it's a miracle he survived, but we can't expect him to be back to normal so soon, it might take years, and honestly this will change him forever, because its tough.

Even if it was an unprogrammed real Jahar or a Fake Jahar. He was definitely on mad drugs. His behavior was totally bizarre. I think that's why the lawyer tried to speak for him at first, because she knew he was fucked up.

He sounds MKUltra'd and/or drugged up to be honest. His behavior at the trial was
not consistent with even recent descriptions of Dzhokhar's typical
behavior: /news/messages_from_the_zubeidat_and_dzhokhar/2013-06-25-32.
 Is it even the same person? I guess  Dzhokar grew 3-4 inches in the last
three months (possible I guess for his age), his accent got ALOT
thicker, and had no gunshot wounds on his neck worth mentioning. Do
defendants usually arrive 4 1/2 hours early to their 7 minute trials?

BTW MKUltra was a CIA program in which they tortured subjects and used drugs to make them disassociate to withstand the pain. Once they dissociate, they can have a separate personality programmed into them, accessible by symbols or ques. Each of these personalities are discreet and do not know of each other.

Here's an article suggesting that these programming centers still exist:

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