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When we say the lame stream news is a bunch of theater, we’re speaking literally.

Makes us wonder how these actors sleep at night. Aiding and abetting the feds in deceiving The People is treason, isn’t it?

Just out of curiosity google "treason”.  "Treason can also be aiding the enemies of your own country.”

So, the ones who perpetrate these terror attacks are murdering The People of The Republic of the Unites States of America and are our enemies, and anyone who assists them and plays a role is complicit, are they not? We sure wouldn’t want that on MY conscience.

Great sleuthing, Mike! The lame stream corporate media creates a fairy-tale world and many of The People are only too happy to live in it.
The agenda of the Illuminati is all too clear to anyone who’s awake today.

(Natural News) The U.S. government has, since at least 2004, used "professional actors” to depict victims in terror drills that simulate large-scale attacks.

According to this ABC News article from 2004, "professional actors will play the roles of victims.” In addition, a "virtual news network” will be created an operated in order to practice the dissemination of government propaganda during the event.

The use of "professional actors” to depict victims is especially telling, given that many Americans believe the government has used professional actors in events like Sandy Hook and the Boston marathon.

This analysis of the Boston marathon bombing claims a double amputee was an actor and that the blood on the scene was "Hollywood blood” designed to look bright red for the cameras. (Real blood is much darker…)

University professor James Tracy also argues that the Boston marathon bombing was pulled off with theatrical elements and wasn’t accurately portrayed in the media.

On the Sandy Hook side, many people say the "parent” Robbie Parker was an actor. This video appears to show him laughing and smiling while off camera, then magically transforming into a sad, tearful father once the cameras start rolling:

Regardless of whether you believe professional actors were involved in Sandy Hook or the Boston marathon bombing, the U.S. government openly admits they have used professional actors in nationwide terror drills.

Here’s another announcement from 2003 which also says:

Volunteers and professional actors will play the roles of victims, who will be rescued, diagnosed, decontaminated and treated.

Actors used to augment the propaganda

The use of professional actors doesn’t mean real people weren’t harmed or even killed in the staged attack. It only means that the actors are selected to appear on camera and give carefully rehearsed "testimony” that achieves the desired political goal of the event.

Sandy Hook, for example, was designed specifically to demonize all gun owners in America and ultimately repeal the Second Amendment. Because such a goal can never be achieved through reason and rational thinking, the strategy involved invoking raw emotion through the use of professional actors who played the role of bereaved parents.

In this way, professional actors are used to augment the propaganda, making sure the post-event news coverage delivers the desired message to the masses.

For example, the post-9/11 message under the Bush administration was that "America should give up its liberties to stop terrorism.” This message, propagandized through a number of theatrical events (such as the demolition of WTC building 7), was engineered to lead to the passage of the Patriot Act and the creation of the Department of Homeland Security. Yes, the DHS that still haunts us today was the spawned hell child of 9/11 theatrics.

Flipping the script

Every false flag event in recent memory has been accompanied by a staged drill. In the middle of the drill, an actual bombing or other attack is carried out, and the script is suddenly flipped from a "drill” to a "terror attack.” All the assets that were set up for the drill — law enforcement presence, bomb-sniffing dogs and professional actors playing victims — suddenly become key elements in the national news broadcasts covering the "real” terrorist attack.

The drill-false-flag format is highly effective because patsies who are going to be blamed for the event are simply told, "You’re participating in a drill.” This is likely what happened to the two brothers accused of carrying out the Boston marathon bombings. Evidence clearly points to the possibility that they were FBI assets who were likely told they were taking part in a "drill.” We have already established that local law enforcement was informed of the existence of a drill… and that they shared this information with some participants in the marathon.

Even where drills aren’t used as a backdrop for carrying out staged false flag events, the drills still have the effect of indoctrinating the local populace to a police state presence. They get people used to seeing militarized goons running around pulling innocent people out of their homes in total violation of the Fourth Amendment.

It also gives the FBI insight on how local law enforcement will react to the terror plots actually being staged by the FBI itself. This is invaluable information necessary for formulating yet more domestic terror plots in order to keep the population in a never-ending state of unbridled fear and government obedience.

Whatever happens in the months ahead, just remember the government has already admitted, "professional actors will play the roles of victims.”
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