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Police: Bomb-Making Materials Found In Roselle Park Apartment
A Roselle Park man was arrested after police said they discovered weapons and other bomb-making materials inside his apartment.

As CBS 2’s Kathryn Brown reported, Travis Dulk, 27, faces weapons and drug charges and is currently being held on $150,000 bail, police said.

Police stressed there were no explosive devices ready to detonate inside the home, but they said there were enough components inside that if a person knew what they were doing, they could indeed fashion a dangerous device.
But neighbors nervously watched as bomb squad detectives raided the house at 112 Filbert St.

"It’s just crazy,” said neighbor Lori Stopiello. "Very close to home; very frightening.”

"The kids are worried due to Facebook; Instagram. They saw everything that’s going on,” said Ismeta Nikovic of Roselle Park. "And I said, don’t worry, it’s safe. And when I was dropping him off to school, he said, ‘But Sandy Hook was safe too — but it wasn’t.’”

Dulk consented to a search of his apartment after officers made a routine traffic stop Tuesday and found an illegal 9mm handgun, hollow point bullets and several bags of cocaine on him, police said.

Inside his home, police said they unearthed a stockpile of weapons, ammunition and other materials.

"The officers at the time did observe a small amount of gunpowder, small PVC piping which alarmed them,” Roselle Park Police Department Chief Paul Morrison said. ”They evacuated the apartment, contacted the bomb squad and subsequently a search warrant was conducted.”

Police also discovered several high-capacity magazines and an M-4 rifle. Sources said the semi-automatic, military-style weapon had been illegally altered in some way, CBS 2′s Brown reported.

Police aren’t sure how or even if Dulk was using the items, but said the components were alarming enough for bomb squad detectives and the federal bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms to get involved.

"It absolutely alarms,” Chief Morrison said. "It’s a public safety issue which draws us great concern. That’s why it’s being taken so seriously.”

Dulk’s mother, who lives with him, was not charged, though police said she was aware of what was inside the apartment.
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