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Presenting: "Jahar Rockstar"; By Krishna Beacorn
Krishna Beacorn
"Jahar Rockstar"
(Verse 1)

"Oh, he plead Guilty? I don't think so/

The truth is bitter, let it sink slow/

I thought he confessed in the hospital/

Then again, you believe anything you're told/

Stupid haters, refused to use your brain plus/

 All you wanna do is abuse teenagers/

How does it feel living life so lonely/

You waste every day just tryna troll me?/

Oh me, are we that important?/

We are flattered, kiss our butts then/

Say he's a terrorist? Show us some evidence/

You can show pictures o' him with pedestrians/

You can show pictures o' him in an ambulance/

And leak pictures o' him surrendering/

Even pictures o' you arrest him but/

Can't show one of him holding a weapon up?/

Can't even show him with a pair o' scissors/

Much less drop a bag with a pressure cooker/

Looka here, we ain't fools/

Except for the haters who believe fake news/

Not Guilty y'all... Times seven, b**ch/

I wanna dance now... No more arguments, uh!"


 (Verse 2)

"Haters, can't we just get along?/

Huh?... I guess 'nah'/

So f**k you and f**k your whole damn team/

Think I care what you think a-f**king-bout me?/

Express ya notions, except impose, ya/

Right to smoke ends where my nose begins/

I'm entitled then to my o-pinion/

Don't tweet and troll me to no end/

I'm not gonna acknowledge yo' existence/

If I happen to, it's to laugh at you/

What do we call fools/

With eyes full o' wool that the media pull?/

The answer is simple, we call 'em Sheeple/

How you gon' let these people deceive you?/

If they could make Cupid seem as evil/

Eat your hearts out with this Jahar sequel."

(Verse 3)

"Jahar Rockstar... What's up, papa?/

You on the Rolling Stone cover/

Thousands o' fan-girls screaming for ya/

Three theme songs from across the world too/

If that ain't baller, what is to you?/

I'm not excusin' the Boston bombing/

But prosecution should stop witch-hunting/

If his defense ain't compromised then/

Those bullshit charges are coming down!/

And what about Todashev?/

They shot 'em dead, he never told 'em sh**/

But I don't wanna talk about gloomy stuff/

We just wanna celebrate Zubie's son/

I'm following my heart and so should ya/

So till Jahar's free, turn the music up, uhn!"

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