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The Tsarnaevs and the CIA: Who is Graham Fuller?
April 29, 2013

It has been confirmed that the Tsarnaev family of Samantha Ankara Fuller and Ruslan Tsarnaev was short-lived, reportedly ending in divorce in 1999, it appears that Ruslan and Graham Fuller were more than just father-in-law and son.  They may also been business partners.

These key details in the history of the Tsarnaev family and the CIA were first reported by Daniel Hopsicker of Mad Cow Morning News, and the marriage of Fuller’s daughter and Ruslan has indeed been confirmed by Al-Monitor reporter, Laura Rozen.

Hopsicker notes that the Congress of Chechen International Organizations was incorporated by Ruslan in Maryland just around the time of his marriage to Fuller’s daughter, listing his then father-in-law’s home address as the principal office.

In the interview with Laura Rozen, Graham Fuller, perhaps in attempt to account for the apparent business ties to Tsarnaev, does mention Ruslan and his daughter Samantha lived in his house in Maryland for "a year or so.”

So, just how did the uncle of the recently accused "Chechen jihadist terrorists” who allegedly carried out the most important criminal act on American soil since September 11, 2001 come to marry the daughter, and gain the "special interest,” of high level CIA operative spymaster Graham Fuller?

A peek into the background of this spymaster himself may reveal the answers.


"Graham E. Fuller received his BA and MA at Harvard University in Russian and Middle Eastern studies. He served 20 years as an operations officer in the CIA, working in Germany, Turkey, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, North Yemen, Afghanistan, and Hong Kong. In 1982 he was appointed the National Intelligence Officer for Near East and South Asia at CIA, and in 1986 Vice-Chairman of the National Intelligence Council at CIA, with overall responsibility for national level strategic forecasting.

In 1988 Mr. Fuller left government and joined the RAND Corporation where he was a senior political scientist for 12 years. His research focused primarily on the Middle East, Central Asia, South and Southeast Asia, and the politics of ethnicity and religion.”

From Wikipedia:

Graham E. Fuller is an American author and political analyst, specializing in Islamic extremism. Formerly vice-chair of the National Intelligence Council, he also served as Station Chief in Kabul for the CIA. A "think piece” that Fuller wrote for the CIA was identified as instrumental in leading to the Iran-contra affair.

In the article written by Laura Rozen on April 27, she notes:

A former Russian history and literature major at Harvard, Fuller said he was always interested in Soviet minorities and found Ruslan interesting [emphasis TOR]. Fuller also pointed to a March 2000 article (.pdf) he and a colleague wrote in Foreign Affairs, "Russia’s Ruinous Chechen War.”

And like Spymaster Graham, I too find Ruslan Tsarni (aka Ruslan Tsarni, aka "Uncle Ruslan”) very interesting indeed.  In fact, when I consider Ruslan’s personal and professional background, my interest is only further peaked.


Back in Mother Russia (more specifically Makhachkala, Dagestan), the Tsarnaev family has for some time been neighbors with "a rather notorious organized crime boss and drug trafficker,” Aziz Batukaev.

Danny Benavides, writer for Traces of Reality, notes:

Aziz Batukaev was arrested in 2006 and sentenced to 17 years in prison in Naryn, Kyrgyzstan for the murders of a Kyrgyz legislator, two of his associates, and an official with the Kyrgyz Interior Ministry.  (Coincidentally, he was released from prison after serving less than half of his sentence, with authorities citing health concerns stemming from Batukaev’s leukemia. Links between networks of organized crime trafficking drugs through prisons with institutional support are denied by prison officials.)

Beyond Ruslan Tsarnaev’s "interesting” (although admittedly tenuous, and possibly entirely coincidental) connections to organized crime in Russia, are his well established connections to infamous American organized crime syndicate government contractor "Halliburton".

Ruslan Tsarnaev has at one point been under the employ of not one, but two oil companies connected to Halliburton–Gold Eagle Partners LLC (1999-2001) and Big Sky Energy (2005).

Also, and more curious still, is the work that Ruslan conducted as a "consultant for Financial Markets International LLC and Arther Andersen LLP” as contracted by the United States Agency for International Development, or USAID, for "projects” in Central Asia.

USAID, in case it still needs pointing out, has long since been known as a "CIA front organization”–possibly one of the CIA’s worst kept secrets.  Other countries around the world have for decades claimed the nefarious connection, and most recently Mother Russia herself, questioning the motives of USAID in her country as anything other than "humanitarian,” expelled the organization from its territory last October 2012.

Given USAID’s known (yet unknown) affiliation with the CIA and Graham Fuller’s known (yet unknown) status as high ranking director in The Agency, how likely is it to be just a fantastic coincidence that Ruslan Tsarnaev was contracted to work for USAID within the same time span, between 1994 and 1996, that he married into the family?


Graham Fuller’s interests in Russia, Central Asia and the Caucuses extend far beyond the scholarly and academic.  His influence in decision and policy making with regard to this part of the world may also extend beyond what is told within the pages of his official biography or memoirs, despite his name even now only being known to a relatively small number of people, and an even smaller number before last week.

One of those select few individuals who has known and documented the name and deeds of Spymaster Graham for years now, is none other than former government insider, FBI translator turned whistleblower, Sibel Edmonds.

Ms. Edmonds has earned the moniker of "most classified woman in U.S. History,” having been on the receiving end of a series of gag orders served up through the invocation of, the mostly unknown and rarely used, States Secrets Privilege.t was while working as a language specialist for the FBI that Sibel uncovered multiple criminal acts on the part of the U.S. Government involving security breaches and attempts to cover them up, including a long standing relationship with what became known as Al-Qaeda.  Sibel has since been very outspoken in emphasizing that this relationship with Al-Qaeda preceded and continued several months after the attacks of September 11th 2001.

In early 2008, while still gagged by States Secret Privilege and unable to speak openly, Sibel posted a photo gallery of individuals involved in her case, which others quickly identified and named.  It was a "Top 21 Criminals List,” if you will, and making the cut, was Spymaster Graham himself, Graham Fuller–the ex-father-in-law of Ruslan "Like A Boss” Tsarnaev, uncle of the alleged Boston Bombers.

In a recent update on Boiling Frogs Post, Ms. Edmonds notes:

I presented CIA’s Graham Fuller as one of the top culprits in my State Secrets Privilege Case when the government invoked the State Secrets Privilege and several additional gag orders to cover up the FBI’s investigations and files pertaining to CIA-NATO terror operations in Central Asia & the Caucasus since the mid-1990s

Sibel goes on to say:

Not only that. [Since 2009] I have been covering one of the main CIA operation figures in Central Asia & the Caucasus-Imam Fethullah Gulen, and this Turkish Imam’s relationship and official Connections to CIA’s Graham Fuller.

Fethulla Gulen is a "West friendly” (read CIA/NATO), relatively influential leader of a "religious-tolerance movement” of Turkish origin.  Gulen is cited to operate over 600 schools around the world, a following of 4 million people, and is associated with hundreds of charter schools in the United States.  A retired Turkish intelligence official by the name of Osman Nuri Gundes alleges in his memoir "Witness to Revolution and Near Anarchy” that Gulen’s Islamic group is little more than yet another CIA front, having sheltered 100′s of CIA agents in his schools in Central Asia.

Fethullah Gulen is a name that Sibel Edmond’s is well familiar with.  In conversations covertly recorded between 1997 and 2001, that Ms. Edmonds was tasked by the FBI to analyze, Gulen, the CIA and NATO were implicated in not only supporting Al-Qaeda (then referred to as the "Mujahideen” or the "Bin Ladens”) in Central Asia and the Balkans, but in the illegal trafficking of humans, guns and drugs.

With "100 percent” U.S. government awareness of this "circular deal,” Sibel notes:

"There were bin Ladens, with the help of Pakistanis or Saudis, under our management. Marc Grossman was leading it, 100 percent, bringing people from East Turkestan into Kyrgyzstan, from Kyrgyzstan to Azerbaijan, from Azerbaijan some of them were being channeled to Chechnya, some of them were being channeled to Bosnia. From Turkey, they were putting all these bin Ladens on NATO planes. People and weapons went one way, drugs came back

A lot of the drugs were going to Belgium on NATO planes. After that, they went to the UK, and a lot came to the U.S. via military planes to distribution centers in Chicago and Paterson, New Jersey. Turkish diplomats who would never be searched were coming with suitcases of heroin.”

What does this have to do with Spymaster Graham?

Graham Fuller: Once CIA…

When Fethulla Gulen left Turkey in 1998 a wanted man, he sought refuge in the United States and settled in Saylorsburg, Pennsylvania.  When Gulen applied for a green card in 2006, it raised alarm bells within the FBI and Department of Homeland Security–but guess who stepped in and vouched for him? Good ol’ Graham Fuller.  Fethulla Gulen, wanted by Turkish officials, his schools banned in all of Russia and Uzbekistan, under scrutiny in Turkmenistan and the Netherlands, made use of his CIA connections once again and received a residence permit in the United States in 2008, with Graham Fuller as an official reference.

In light of Spymaster Graham-Fethulla Gulen-CIA-NATO-Al-Qaeda’s (or Mujahideen "freedom fighters” backed by the United States when invaded by Russia) association in guns and drug running in Central Asia, it bears repeating that Graham Fuller is also linked, at least on paper, to the Iran-Contra Affair–which involved CIA gun and drug running (this time cocaine) in South America, as well as cozying up to the "Contras” in Nicaragua ("freedom fighters” backed by the United States when "invaded” by Russian influence).

In other words, business as usual.


So, how does this all fit and what does it have to do with the Tsarnaevs and the Boston Bombing?

Perhaps this quote from Graham Fuller on the role of Islam with regard to Russia can offer some insight:

‘The policy of guiding the evolution of Islam and of helping them against our adversaries worked marvelously well in Afghanistan against the Red Army. The same doctrines can still be used to destabilize what remains of Russian power, and especially to counter the Chinese influence in Central Asia.’

Welcome to the real world, Neo–where The Cold War never ended; it has merely "evolved.”

When asked about the Boston Bombing, Spymaster Graham remarked, "I for one was astonished at the events, and to find myself at two degrees of separation from them.”

Astonished.  Amazed.  Incredulous.

The last one seems more fitting.

Graham Fuller, whose interests include eagles, salmon, bears, riding his mountain bike… oh, and Central Asia, Chechens, Islamic extremism and destabilizing Russia, finds himself with a Chechen son-in-law in Ruslan Tsarnaev, with Halliburton and CIA/USAID connections of his own, whose nephews Dzhokar and Tamerlan stand accused of the largest terrorist act in the United States since 9/11–and Tamerlan (who isn’t standing anywhere, now deceased), reportedly attended a workshop while in Dagestan sponsored by the Jamestown Foundation (another organization with ties to the CIA), has been pinged by Sibel Edmonds, based on her experience, as a perfect "100 percent profile match” recruit for the CIA.

How "astonished” Mr. Fuller must’ve been indeed.


Was Uncle Ruslan recruited into the CIA upon or around the time of his marriage to Graham Fuller’s daughter Samantha?

Could Ruslan Tsarnaev have been, instead, a foreign intelligence agent (perhaps Russian FSB), who worked his way into the Western intelligence world, expedited by a strategic "marriage to the agency,” that ended within 3-4 years after serving its purpose?

Could his nephew, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, have been recruited as an asset himself? If so, by which agency and of what country, Russia or the United States?

Who stands to gain from shifting the spotlight within this Terrorism and Security Theater to Chechen, Islamist extremists?

Is it all about strategic military maneuvering and opening up pipelines in the end? Is this another front in a seemingly timeless and endless war for political influence and control of natural resources?

There are four major developing narratives with respect to the Boston Bombings regarding guilty parties, state sponsorship and possible motives.

The first is the "Mainstream” narrative:  Two young men became "self-radicalized,” though potentially aided along by Tamerlan’s associations with "Misha” (now identified as Mikhail Allakhverdov), and acted alone in planning and carrying out the bombing.

The second is the "Blowback” theory:  Dzhokar and Tamerlan were motivated to mass murder by "what the U.S. government does in the Muslim world” and the operation may have been "coordinated by Al Qaeda, or some other group – possibly some Chechen fundamentalist faction.”

The third and fourth narratives are, in my view, more credible scenarios based in the way the world actually works.

Tom Secker of Investigating The Terror and Spy Culture has proposed a Russian state-sponsored attack hypothesis in his article "Boston Bombings: From Russia with Love?” which highlights the sources of information assigning blame to the FBI (Russia and RT, Russia’s state media machine) and reprisal for NATO’s proxy wars and its attempts at destabilizing Russian influence as the motive.

Sibel Edmonds of Boiling Frogs Post, on the other hand, has put forth that the events in Boston beginning two weeks ago, and the more recent activity in Russia, Central Asia, Caucasus and Syria, are the result of Washington/CIA scripting.

In this extraordinarily complicated world that we live in–one of espionage, double agents and triple agents, there is room enough for them both to be right.

With the United States preparing for more overt intervention in the region, could a deal have been struck for Russia to step aside, abandon an ally and open the door to a full-blown invasion of Syria? In exchange, the United States, abandons yet another group of "freedom fighters turned terrorists” in Chechnya, having long since been a thorn in Russia’s side–all wrapped up in a pretty "your war is now our war” diplomatic bow?

Whether or not an explicit deal was made, in effect, this is what is occurring.  As with every "new threat,” either real or contrived, strange bedfellows will be made internationally–and the security, surveillance, and police state apparatuses, along with their bloated agency budgets, justified domestically.
Guillermo Jimenez
Traces of Reality

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