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US Agent Ryan Fogle was working on Boston Case
15th May 2013 (Recap)
Ryan Christopher Fogle, an American CIA agent, who was caught trying to recruit a Russian security agent, is now suspected of the attempt of gathering information about the Boston bombing suspects for intelligence on the Northern Caucasus, according to the Russian FSB security service.
The agent received an advance of $US 100,000, according to FSB.
Russia accused the US of "crude and clumsy” spying on their territory after they caught Fogle red – handed in Moscow, seeking to recruit a Russian agent, while being disguised in a blonde wig. 
The agent he was trying to recruit was an anti-terror agent in Dagestan whose details US officials had obtained on a visit to the Caucasus in April 2013 that was given by the Russians.
Mr Fogle is said to have been seeking intelligence about the Boston marathon bombers whose origins is in the Russian Northern Caucasus, Mahachkala.

President Vladimir Putin's foreign policy advisor Yuri Ushakov said "To say the least, we are surprised by the extremely crude and clumsy recruitment" and continue "I do not think that what has happened will influence his cooperation, all the more as its importance has been agreed at a high level."

***Who was this Dagestanian agent they have been trying to recruit right before the attacks?***

***What connection does the recruited agent have to the alleged bombers, Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev?***
By Laila M.
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