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Was Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s Throat Slit by the Mossad? – Anonpyrates

According to testimony by a SWAT team member, somehow, Dzhokhar’s throat was slit open. Since this could not have been the result of pressure cooker bombs (there were none), the only possibility is that someone in that SWAT team or other mercenary-like individual actually cup open his throat. That would make sense; it would be an attempt to incapacitate him, that is his ability to speak, since he would surely demand his innocence. He would also be able to bear witness to the events that night, contradicting entirely all that was falsely portrayed: and he would be the only legitimate eyewitness remaining in view of the murder of his brother, Tamerlan. Regarding the secretive elements behind the Boston hoax watch this carefully. It would appear that Anonpyrates have caught the culprits red-handed, as demonstrated by their facial expression. In this video numerous hostile ones who are behind this hoax have been revealed, including the possible individuals who helped orchestrated the murder of Tamerlan Tsarnaev and the attempted murder of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. Includes a wide range of highly incriminating evidence against a wide range of culprits.

The perpetrator of the slitting of Dzhokhar’s throat is identified.  It appears that it was embedded, secretive Mossad operatives who were behind the attempted assassination of Dzhokhar, the slitting of his throat in attempt to silence him, as well as the brutal murder of Tamerlan Tsarnaev.

The mole in question is the apparent Israeli whose sudden changes in facial expression is the most clear and evident upon the revelation of his act.

Here is the mole. He is the culprit until proven otherwise.

Let’s analyze the facial expressions sequential as the one relatively truthful SWAT team member stated the facts. What follows are sequential screenshots of the mole’s reaction to precisely those words in fractions of seconds, that is the words of the one SWAT member who appeared to be most straightforward:

"It looked more like a knife wound where it was spread open. It looked more like a cut of some kind,” when he points to the lateral aspect of the neck. Keep in mind that this is a man likely accustomed to seeing gunshot wounds, and he describes this injury with his fingers as a kind of lateral slit of the throat. Now, watch carefully the facial expression of the Mossad operative behind him, as well as associated agents, in their micro-second reaction to his statements:

Looking as he begins the revelation. Is his subconscious mind saying, "Yea, I attacked and tried to kill an innocent man?” and "instinctively, deep down inside, I know it was wrong.”

As the SWAT member in front begins making the unexpected revelation there is a stark change in the man’s eyes. It goes from no whites showing, the eyes dim and mostly closed to whites showing. As tis happens the criminality becomes more evident. Look closely. It will be seen.
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