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What feds could do with NSA tools

What disturbs me most about the National Security Agency isn't so much what they might catch me writing, saying or doing, for I have nothing to hide. Rather it is the fact that they have the power to track my daily routine back to front. Not only can they track my every move in real time through my cell phone but also where I am likely to be after that. And of course they can also easily predict which routes I will likely take to get there.

Modern technology makes it dangerously easy for any government to abuse its power, perhaps to frame its political enemies for crimes they didn't commit or to advance a political agenda that justifies its uber-lucrative military and security industrial complexes.

Take the Tsarnaev brothers. Given government's new spying capabilities plus its new post- 9/11 surveillance powers, how can we assume that Tameralan and Dzhokhar were not being tracked and even followed as they fled the city after being publicly identified as the bombers? In fact, given the purported warnings from Russia about Tameralan, would it be reasonable for us to assume the brothers weren't being tracked?

And how can we know for sure that Officer Sean Collier's un-witnessed assassination and the botched 7-Eleven robbery nearby were not staged by, say, a notoriously corrupt FBI trying to further vilify a pair of patsies who, perhaps, naively thought they were taking part in this spring's "Operation Urban Shield" terror drills?

How can we know that "Danny's" alleged carjacking was committed by the brothers, when even our (anonymous) witness told Matt Lauer that "Tamerlan" did NOT look like either of the guys in the FBI's photos, plus told other news media that he had obeyed an order from his lead carjacker to NOT study their faces?

How can we reasonably assume, given these circumstances plus the fiasco that was martial law Watertown, plus the untimely deaths of key witnesses in the weeks that followed, that the government's story is legit?

Sadly, we can't.

Due to the government's now-admitted 24/7 spying on us, there is simply no way to rule out shenanigans in the Tsarnaev case or any other case. Any one of us in today's America could be targeted and framed. All that government need do is weave some phony allegation about you around your pre-known physical whereabouts and then sick its lapdog media on you. Done. Everyone in America would "know" you are guilty.

By Rich Aucoin
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