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Is this the same guy???
So we can't figure out what's going on here. There are two videos to watch to fully analyze and understand what got us flabbergasted. Watch the first video and pay special attention to the room, the calendar and the chair. When he shows the calendar and chair he has the camera upside down so it can be confusing. Please watch the first video now. Skip to 3:30 if you wish. 
So we saw the chair and the calendar and he said the bullet went through the 11th of april. Also note that his name is Kristian Tuinzing.
The next video looks like a different guy. His name is "Andrew Kitzenburg". He seems to have a similar story. Again pay attention to the room and the calendar and chair.
According to official reports, Kristian Tuinzing and Andrew Kitzenburg both saw the shooting car chase, and had bullets strike their identical calendars in the identical place and then go through their computer chairs.

After watching both video, what other explanation is there other than pure, insane coincidence? One explanation is: Kristian saw what happened, and was contacted by the FBI. They either took his calendar and chair or took him, changed the look of his room, and had an actor come in to tell an identical story. No?
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