The Truth Is Out There

This page is just a fraction of the inconsistencies, exaggerations & flat out falsehoods propagated by the media and various law enforcement agencies. Something has been very off about this case from day 1 & personally I'm not one to just remain quiet and swallow the BS that the media shovels out.

My 2 cents, or 20

I was at work when the bombings happened but like everyone else saw countless hours of news footage in the following days. At first I didn’t pay a lot of attention. That is until Boston locked down the entire city and had the place looking more like an occupied war zone than a residential street in the US. Was this really necessary for 1 person?
The day of the bombings countless media outlets (Wall Street Journal, CBS Boston, KTLA, CNN, Fox, ABC, The Boston Globe) & govt agencies (Boston PD) took to Twitter to warn & advise that numerous additional devices had been found around Boston & that the bomb squad was "dismantling” and conducting controlled demolitions of these devices. As this would cause trouble in the narrative, the stories were later changed to say that none of the suspicious packages left behind actually contained any bombs. Sure – I mean think about it, how would the FBI explain these packages if Tamerlan & Jahar are the bombers & acted alone. In order to leave the 4-6 other bombs found around the city, each brother would have had to carry multiple bags each…something that people would have noticed & more importantly something that would have shown up on the surveillance clips plastered all over the TV.
Initially we were told that Saudi national Abdulrahman Ali Alharbi was a "person of interest” in the case but was allowed to leave the country with the full blessing of the U.S. government. Why was there such a rush to get him out of the United States? Why aren’t we being told that Abdulrahman Ali Alharbi was photographed with two other Saudis in the vicinity of the Boston marathon bombings? Why aren’t we being told of the shocking familial links that Abdulrahman Ali Alharbi has to known members of al-Qaeda? Why did U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry have a private meeting with a Saudi foreign minister shortly after Abdulrahman Ali Alharbi was identified as a potential suspect? Why did Barack Obama hold an unscheduled meeting with the ambassador from Saudi Arabia shortly after Abdulrahman Ali Alharbi was identified as a potential suspect? Why did Michelle Obama visit Abdulrahman Ali Alharbi in the hospital?
Shortly after the bombings the media was all abuzz as DNA had allegedly been found on the remains of 1 of the bombs. 1 minor problem…the DNA couldn’t possible match either brother as it was female DNA. The FBI then obtained a DNA sample from Tamerlan’s widow & when that also was not a match, this "huge break” was completely dropped & never mentioned in the media again. Why did we also never hear from the numerous eyewitnesses who stated that the bomb(s) had been in trash cans that had then exploded?

I find it ridiculous how more "evidence” just magically appears in this case every few weeks. A newspaper posted an article recently saying that by flashbanging the hell out of Jahar, the cops "saved his life” because he had been so badly injured in the prior nights shootout that he would have died if they hadn’t found him soon. They claim he’d been bleeding to death for 20 hours yet had no noticeable blood anywhere on him when he stepped out of the boat. I’m sorry but if I’ve been bleeding from a neck wound for 20 hours I would imagine I’d either be dead, unconscious or at the very least – drenched in blood. But no, not Jahar. Not only was he bleeding to death without any blood shed, he was also strong enough & focused enough (while still dying don’t forget) to confess. A tidy confession as well, not only admitting guilt but providing a motive (and the kind that scares American’s the most – a Muslim motive) Really? And it took a month to find this after the FBI supposedly went over the boat with a fine tooth comb looking for weapons, explosives etc? Now that the indictment has been issued, the wording of this alleged note (written in pen, marker or blood depending on the story) seems to differ greatly from the "fuck the US” rant of a confession originally reported.
The timing is also convenient. Once more people began calling into question the authenticity of the confession the FBI claims to have gotten from Jahar while drugged up in critical condition in the hospital & before he was Mirandized, they create a brand new confession that supposedly happened BEFORE he was even arrested thus making it now admissible in court. At one of the 1st press conferences held following the bombing, the FBI spokesman refused to answer a journalists’ question regarding the claims that a safety drill was being run before and during the marathon. Despite photos of what appear to be roof top spotters & the claims of several race participants that the PA system announced several times during the marathon (and before the bombing) that everyone should remain calm as they were only running drills as they have done during the marathon in 2007 – 2012 the media (aside from 1 small news station in Alabama) has refused to report this fact. When the truth of such drills was finally admitted, the specifics seemed to match almost identically with what happened. Bombs in backpacks being left on crowded city sidewalks, the use of surveillance photos released to the public to identify suspects, the carjacking of a vehicle to flee, a death of 1 suspect…I could go on but I think my point is clear.
Does the footage that the FBI claims to have, showing the brother’s placing their backpacks near the blast sites actually exist? Governor Deval Patrick originally claimed to have seen the footage & described it as "chilling”. When pressed further, he conceded that he had not actually seen any video footage but that the FBI had "described it” to him. If the FBI can’t even trust the Governor of MA with viewing the footage, it makes me question its existence. If Tamerlan Tsarnaev had been on the FBI’s radar for 3 years, why did they release his photo & ask for the public’s assistance in identifying him? Why did the brothers not flee? As they were not identified until 4 days after the bombing they would have had ample time to leave the state if not the country. Instead they carried on with their daily routines, Dzhokhar even worked out at his school’s gym & attended a party with friends.
Why was the MIT officer killed? Original reports stated that he was killed during a confrontation with the brothers. In actual fact he was shot in the back of the head while sitting in his car, likely never even seeing his attacker. Immediately following the shooting the local police issued a BOLO for a 120lbs black male in dark clothing who had been seen fleeing the scene of the shooting. (

The mystery carjacking victim "Danny" states that he was never alone in the car and that only Jahar got out at the gas station/convenience store. You can clearly see both brothers in the store at the same time in a surveillance camera photo. This not only calls into question the accuracy of "Danny"s statements which seem to change weekly but it also makes you wonder why the brothers would have left a hostage alone in a car to buy Red Bull and snacks…esp while being on the run. Danny has stated that he escaped when Tamerlan was out of the car pumping gas, however he also stated that Tamerlan never left the vehicle and that the escape actually happened when Tamerlan became distracted by the vehicles navigation system. The formal indictment states that Danny was forced to drive around town but in his faceless TV interview Danny stated that Tamerlan was driving the entire time. Interestingly he also said that the brothers didn’t resemble the photos that the FBI had released of the bombing suspects. Danny’s claim that Tamerlan just came right out and confessed not only to being the marathon bomber but of also having killed the MIT officer never made sense to me. I just can’t picture him saying "I did that”. It may be a minor detail but I always found it weird that Danny can be so specific in his details (even though they have changed multiple times) but never once mentioned Tamerlans thick distinctive accent. Additionally, as is common with people who English is a second language for them, they tend to mix up tenses of words. For example in an old interview with Tamerlan about boxing, the interviewer asks him how he did on a recent fight & instead of saying "I won” he says "I win”. If Tamerlan had confessed to Danny I would think he would have said "I do that” instead of "I did that” again not out of ignorance but simply because English is a second language to him. (
In an article, the gas station attendant who allowed "Danny” to use his phone described him as white, not Asian and also said that the brothers let him go…nothing about his "escape” ( ) Additional articles exist of members of the Boston PD stating that Danny was lucky that the brothers "let him go”. I think what is most interesting about the whole Danny situation is that police scanners from the night of the carjacking identify the victim as the "nephew of an off duty cop” a fact that was never explained or even reported on.
The night that Tamerlan was killed & Dzhokhar went on the run, Boston PD were heard over the police scanner naming 1 of the suspects as Sunil Tripathi no less than 10 times. Curiously the body of Sunil was later found floating in the waters of Providence, RI. To date no time or manner of death has been released. How & when did he die & why was he named as being a suspect in the first place?
Why are the authorities insisting that Jahar ran Tamerlan over with the stolen Mercedes SUV as he fled? For one thing, eyewitnesses state that they saw a police SUV run Tamerlan over, not his brother. Additionally if Jahar even fled in the vehicle it would make little sense for him to go in the direction that he would have to have done in order to run over his brother. While there were several outlets in the neighborhood where the "shoot out” took place, we are to believe that instead of simply taking 1 of the other streets Jahar made a u-turn and drove directly into the gunfire from the cops, hitting his own brother in the process. I have a real problem with this given the fact that at a press conference the day after the standoff, when questioned as to how "suspect #2” got away, MA State Police Superintendent Timothy Alben’s reply was: "He abandoned a car that he had used that was involved in a pursuit from Cambridge here to Watertown last night. In terms of how he got away, he did it on foot. He fled on foot. I don’t know where he went specifically after that.” To me the concept of him fleeing on foot vs in a vehicle makes more sense to me as he was found only 2-3 blocks from the original scene.
Was it necessary for the PD, National Guard & SWAT to fire over 300 rounds into the boat where Dzhokhar was hiding, unarmed? The insane # of shots fired into the boat where Jahar was eventually found hiding (along with flash bang grenades) struck me as overkill…not to mention dangerous. Here they are claiming that Jahar is extremely dangerous & may have a suicide bomb vest or other bombs on his person. Yet the police/SWAT/FBI throw incendiary devices into the boat (without even confirming whether there was gasoline in it or not) If there had been a bomb on board, any # of the 300 shots fired could have blown the boat (not to mention nearby homes) sky high. Why was the need so great to make sure Jahar didn’t make it out of that boat alive?
Why did reports of the alleged boat confession only come to light after concerns surfaced about the admissibility of statements allegedly made by Dzhokhar before he was Mirandized & while he was listed in critical condition, on high doses of pain medication in the ICU of an area hospital? How would Dzhokhar have known that his brother had died and was therefore "martyred”? If, as the boat note suggests, Dzhokhar was looking to join his brother in death why then did he peaceably surrender? When he surrendered, several news outlets showed him stepping from the boat with no blood visible on his light colored shirt. When and how did he then sustain the serious wound to his legs, arm, back throat, jaw & ear that left him bloodied & near death? It was originally alleged that this was the result of a failed suicide attempt. Dzhokhar however, was unarmed. In an older article questioning how Jahar could have been in any physical condition to "confess" to the FBI at the hospital as has been claimed. ( U.S. Rep. Mike Rogers, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee said "He’s in and out of lucidity,” he said. "He’s on medication, he’s talking, but he’s not talking, he’s unconscious…” Does that sound like a person who could actively participate in a 16 hour interrogation?
Aurora movie theater shooter James Holmes was read his Miranda rights without controversy, despite his home being booby trapped with explosives that the authorities spent several hours dismantling after evacuation of an entire apartment building. Meanwhile, the Department of Justice invoked the public safety exception to Miranda so they could question Jahar "extensively about other potential explosive devices or accomplices” before reading him his Miranda rights. Why?
What about Ibragim Todashev, a former acquaintance of older brother Tamerlan? After expressing fear to his friends that his life and/or freedom were in jeopardy following several interrogations by the FBI re: a 2011 cold case, we are to believe that he confessed to his part in the murders, incriminated Tamerlan & then attacked FBI agents who promptly shot & killed him before any written or recorded "confession” could be obtained. Why were the FBI questioning Ibragim in his home at nearly midnight? Is this standard procedure? Why has the official version of the alleged attack changed so many times? Why was he shot 7 times including one to the top of his head? Why is the FBI still going to Virginia to question a former girlfriend (Hilba Eltilib) of 1 of the murder victims if they already have a confession from 1 dead man, implicating another?
The FBI has portrayed Tamerlan as a "self radicalized” Islamic extremist. They also attempt to imply that he was involved in drugs which is the alleged motive behind the 2011 killings. A strict Muslim would not drink, smoke or have anything to do with drugs, let alone deal them. Jahar (through his Twitter posts and stories from friends) loved girls, partying & marijuana…Again not the traits of a devout Muslim extremist.
The fireworks found in Jahar’s bag were said to have been used to build the marathon bomb but his friends Instagram photos ( show him and a few friends setting them off (something that they apparently did for fun regularly). This was also confirmed by a friend in a recent NY Times article (   
By Jackie M.