My first article about my thoughts about this case (this was first written by me in May, but now I feel I have no doubts about Jahar's innocence).

Here it is:"Hi everyone! I'm Portuguese, so forgive me if my English is not that good! I have been afraid of posting my opinion in pages related to this mystery, because of some of the aggressive, insulting comments I have read so far, especially made by people who claim to be sure about Jahar's guilt, which call everyone with different opinions "attention seeking whores". But I just can´t be silent any longer, so I will give it a try.

Since 19th April 2013, I've been reading online pages with the news concerning the Boston Marathon Bombing. I've searched pages ruled by the American and the other countries media. And I've also read pages that support Jahar and Tamerlan's innocence. So, what I'm writing here is my opinion, what comes to my mind about this tragedy and its media coverage, based on both sides, which are "Jahar is guilty” and its opposite "Jahar is innocent” .

For weeks, I've been behaving only as a watcher. I haven´t commented so far in any tumblr, facebook pages, in the Boston Globe or any other world news' pages related to the Tsarnaev's brothers case. But I signed the and the petitions created to guarantee that Dzhokhar has a fair trial, and I also commented why I did that.

Here's what I wrote in one of the petitions: "At first I believed the news, but then I got to read different online pages with the description of everything related to the bombings and the manhunt. The first pages I read were not related to people who supported Dzhokhar Tsarnaev's innocence, may that be clear! So these different pages had some different information concerning many details, like the number of people injured (some pointed 180, and others almost 260), then some pages said Dzhokhar was armed inside the boat and fired against the police, and then claimed that he didn´t have any guns with him; at first the media and the police reported that he tried to commit suicide by shooting his neck, but when they release pictures of him being arrested there's not too much blood in his face to confirm what the news said.

The photos that I've seen from the online pages that support Dzhokhar Tsarnaev's innocence seem to be much more reliable than those released by the FBI and other identities behind this investigation. I am not usually a believer in conspiracy theories, but after seeing photos of many people having backpacks before the explosions and without them after the explosions, it seems very suspicious that the authorities come to a conclusion so fast. This should be a serious investigation, and the world, not only the US, should know every detail about these bombings.

I understand that the CIA and the FBI can´t always reveal everything, but please have in mind that terrorist acts are everyone's concern, not only of the US. Foreign people go to events like the Boston Marathon, so it seems reasonable to let the world know more about this, and please do not make terrible mistakes without enough information, because ending a life of someone, by death or by life in prison, who can be indeed innocent, it's one of the most terrible mistakes of a civilized world in the XXI's century.”Right now, I don´t find myself in conditions to be sure if Jahar is guilty or innocent.

As I commented before, only after a deeper personal investigation, I can say that I've become more suspicious that the brothers might be innocent, but I haven´t rejected the possibility that they might be guilty. I can say that there is this 85% part of me that believes that this a set up, against a 15% possibility of believing that the FBI hasn´t done any mistake so far.I understand both sides.

The people who believe in Jahar's guilt have been criticizing the rising of this girly support for Jahar, because this has happened before with Charles Manson, Ted Bundy, and many other criminals. I understand that these people, who believe Dzhokhar is a criminal, only want the best for the USA and for the world. They trust the media and the authorities, because most of the conspiracy theories that sometimes circulate around the Internet are bullshit, and I am not talking about this particular case. There are conspiracy theories every time something tragical or bizarre happens. But there's something about the people, who claim that the brothers are guilty, that I don't understand: every time someone who supports Jahar comes with constructive opinions, investigation, images that support his innocence, instead of respecting them and saying things like: "ok, I don´t agree with you, but I respect your opinion, your arguments seem strong. I will do some more research to engage into another conservation with you, related to this subject, so we can share thoughts again” (this is what I call a civilized conversation), they insult. When those retards realize they do not have enough arguments to contradict the other person's point of view, they do the EASIEST THING TO DO: they insult, make fun of that person, and even threat.

These people are cowards, they have no balls, because accepting a defeat takes a lot of courage. Those people only want to win personal wars, because they are self centered, attention seeking people in a negative way. And I am also shocked by people who seem to be thirsty to drink Jahar's blood, to eat him alive, maybe just because he is a Muslim. They make disgusting photo shopped images of Jahar being executed. Be careful there!

There were already a lot of cases of people in death row, that were executed, and years later proven innocent!!! You are playing with something terribly serious! If you kill Jahar innocent, it's going to even more disrespectful for the victims of the bombings! And something that doesn´t make any sense to me is seeing so many Americans that refused to bury Tamerlan. I understand that you believe he is a murderer, but if you think that he doesn´t deserve to be buried in US soil, then every American must dig every corpse of every American killer (like Jeffrey Dahmer, the Columbine murderers, etc...) so that your country can be clean!! xD It seems like these Americans do not have a problem with criminals, they have a problem if they are foreign criminals! So stop acting stupid! It seems like some murderers are forgiven because they are americans!

Now let's talk about the Jahar innocence supporting facts. Let's face the facts: the evidences against these boys seem weaker everyday, while the evidences that support their innocence are becoming stronger everyday! There's this girl named Sarah that impressed me a lot!!! She kept a strong, calm, confident, professional attitude while being humiliated by these TMZ show guys, especially by this histerical, rude, fat guy that really pissed me off! If he talked to me like that, I would have probably have shouted a loud "FUCK YOU!!!" So, I congratulate this girl for being superior to them. They ended the conversation when they realised they weren't dealing with a dumb person, but yes with a intelligent, lovely girl. They had no more arguments. They didn't won't to look bad on TV, they don't want to lose their jobs, even if it means killing someone who could be proven innocent 10, 50, 100 years from now, and in this case I mean Jahar.

Considering what I have seen, the comments I have read so far related to what might be, a major, a really well planed, set up, that is everyday putting the Tsarnaev family in the dirt, I thought that the best thing to do is to check if something like this has ever happened before. Because, as I claimed before, I don't usually believe in conspiracy theories.

I usually believe that authorities, with high responsibilities related to every human life's safety, wouldn't dare to betray its own ethical, moral values. I always want to believe that the government that we chose, the police paid by us to protect us, and the media that keep us updated about the world outside, wouldn't dare to betray us, for something so filthy as money, corruption and macabre personal interests. That's why people who constantly doubt authorities are a minority. Their conspiracy theories look way too surreal to be true. But this time I think that the so called conspiracy crazy theories related to the Tsarnaevs are starting to make sense, because I discovered that SET UPS LIKE THIS HAVE ALREADY HAPPENED BEFORE. And I am going to paste my investigations, the links, the biographies, the videos, etc..., related to people who have been set up already, wrongly accused, portrayed by the media as monsters, with unfair trials where there were presented FALSE EVIDENCES CREATED BY THE ACCUSERS, LIKE FAKE PICTURES AND FALSE STATEMENTS.

I am not saying I strongly believe Jahar is innocent already, but after searching this two particularly REAL CASES, I wouldn´t be surprised if something quite surreal like seeing Jahar himself claiming that he is guilty in his trial, with some sort of mind controlling done to him. Right now, I even believe that if the FBI found the backpack in his dorm, they could be, right now, destroying it and putting one of the pressure cook bombs inside the backpack to incriminate him, and photographing placed on the ground where the bomb exploded.

From 19th April to 30th May is a long period of time for the FBI to do whatever they want to do. This sounds really crazy, and I'll have people thinking I am a moron, but I am just saying that I just don't know what to believe. When you don´t fit neither in the two opposite groups "Jahar is guilty", "Jahar is innocent", you consider every possibilities, even if they are the weirdest in the worldSo, if Jahar is innocent, he will be the next GERRY CONLON.

A movie was done about his life, named "In The Name of The Father"
Here's the link with the full synopsis: 

And here's the Gerry Conlon bio:  

I give the links because my text is quite extended enough.

I will also present the CHRISTINE COLLINS case, that reflect what the police can do when they do not want to accept their own mistakes. And yeah, there's a movie about it, directed by Clint Eastwood.

Here are the links: 

I wrote this not in order to jump into fast conclusions, but to let people see why there are many different opinions, and why each of everyone one of them must be respected, even if they sound strange.

Sorry if I offended anyone.

"Now, in July, after the killing of Todashev, the fact that Jahar can only speak to his mom once a month without discussing the case (at least Channel 4 news stated that) - if the authorities were sure about his guilt, discussing the case wouldn´t be a problem - It was reported that at least one judge is ignoring Jahar's 16 wounds.

This isn't normal, that's why this is a set-up. The backpacks don´t match, the one Jahar wore to the marathon was found on his apartment later. Watertown was locked down during the manhunt, leaving no witnesses to prove the authorities' story. Two FBIs related to Dzhokhar's arrest are dead, maybe they threatened to tell the world something we haven´t been told, and they were silenced, just like Todashev, the only thing I can think is that he's innocent.

By Ana M.S.S