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Two self-generated photos by two young men. One "looks” guilty. One "looks” innocent.

The power of images to shape or confuse our understanding of events has never been more apparent than in two hugely emotional cases that have generated enormous coverage and national soul searching: the Trayvon Martin killing, and the Boston Marathon bombings.

In that now-famous photo of Trayvon Martin, a teenager stares at the camera. He is nearly expressionless. A gray hoodie frames his face. To many Americans invested in George Zimmerman’s innocence, this was proof of Martin's menacing intentions.
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The actors have been picked, the scenario is at the ready, and on Wednesday morning, Braintree police will join others from around the region in the search of a missing child.

The mock child abduction is a drill intended to practice Amber Alerts, and members of 42 police departments will join with regional police team Metro Law Enforcement Council (Metro LEC) to practice the response.
"We’re doing this to test our own capabilities and see how we work together as a team,” said Steve Williams, executive director of Metro LEC

The drill isn’t only a practice round for members of the regional group. Efforts will be judged by federal partners with the hopes of gaining certification as ... Read more »
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The Massachusetts State Police photographer who released photographs of Boston bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s capture was placed on desk duty today while internal affairs investigates his action to see what rules, if any, he broke.

Sgt. Sean Murphy has generated quite a Facebook following for his release of the photos — an act aimed at countering the recent Rolling Stone rock-star cover portrayal of the suspected Boston Marathon terrorist. An estimated 40,000 supporters clicked "like” on a Facebook page created just for him, called "Save Sgt. Sean Murphy.”

On Monday, Sgt. Murphy started desk duty, The Boston Globe reported.
He arrived at State Police headquarters ... Read more »
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