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April 19th photos of the alleged bombers were released for the public to identify and locate the suspects. FBI said when releasing the photos: "For clarity, these images should be the only ones -- and I emphasize the only ones -- that the public should view to assist us (...)." 

They were later identified by the Law Enforcement, who later admitted that they knew Tamerlan prior to this and had been in contact with him for 3 years, at least.

 ***Why did they request our help, when they alre ... Read more »
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Months have passed and questions remains unanswered and silenced.
We have decided to have daily posts, questioning the statements provided to the public by the authorities, that have been contradicted by their own or by other witnesses. We are going to go deeper into these details and let you discuss and share your views, answering our critical questions.
It is really important that you share your views and share it with each other.
People feel all they can do is watch the brutality happen, while staying silenced. We want you to be encouraged to discuss, do research and hopefully help this case to get ... Read more »
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