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"Since the end of my trial, I’ve been asked repeatedly about particular aspects of my case. Rather than respond to each individual inquirer, I figured it to be more practical to address those points publicly so that the general public may also be aware of some of the background information often buried under headlines:
Yes, I was charged by the government after refusing to become an FBI informant.

In April of 2008, as I was nearing my college graduation date, I was in the process of obtaining a position as a pharmacist at a large hospital in Saudi Arabia. Days after I sent an email to the employer accepting the job offer, the FBI (who were monitoring my communications) were waiting for me outside my workplace in Natick, ... Read more »
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MOSCOW, June 28 (RIA Novosti) 
Russia’s parliament on Thursday extended an invitation to fugitive ex-CIA employee Edward Snowden to help investigate whether American Internet firms provided information about Russian citizens to the US government.

Snowden, a former contractor for the US National Security Agency, is wanted by the United States for disclosing a top-secret surveillance program that allegedly targeted millions of Americans. He is reportedly in Moscow.

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GROZNY, (RIA Novosti)
The father of a Russian immigrant shot dead by the FBI during questioning in Florida said on Tuesday he would sue the US authorities over what he describes as the "extrajudicial execution” of his son.
Ibragim Todashev, 27, who had moved to the US from Russia’s Chechen republic several years earlier, was shot at his home in Orlando on May 22 while being questioned by the FBI about his links to Boston bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev and a possible connection to a 2011 triple murder in Massachusetts.
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April 20, 2013 (Recap)

BOSTON (CBS) – Five days of terror in Boston ended with gunfire in a Watertown yard and now David Henneberry may need a new boat.
Henneberry, who lives on Franklin Street, went outside to have a smoke Friday evening after a "stay indoors” order was lifted in the search for Boston Marathon bombings suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.
Then he saw blood on his boat.
"He realized one of the straps had been cut. At that point he noticed there was a small amount of blood, I guess, on the outside of the strap,” Henneberry’s stepson, Robert Duffy, told CB ... Read more »
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Jesus Christ, I simply do not believe what is going on. Last night I posted that something was going down near Boston, specifically in my neighborhood. I stayed up for an hour or two longer listening to the radio and looking out my window. I went to sleep knowing that one suspect was "down" and the other was being chased. This morning I woke up to find that the 19 year old "suspect", no, kid who is running from the police right now in my very neighborhood, was a friend of mine. He went to my high school. I played sports with him after school, even drove around in his car with him once.
This is utterly insane, police helicopters everywhere. You think you know someone, he was such a nice kid, I still can't believe that ... Read more »
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Jun 27, 2013
The Obama administration and the NSA have gone into full spin mode trumpeting its victories in the plots that didn't happen while conveniently ignoring the one that did.

See: "NSA Spying Data 'Stopped Plots In 20 Countries" 

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